Closing Ceremony Promotion Course Higher Official 2014/2015

The closing ceremony Promotion Courses Higher Official, Navy, Army - Weapons and Services, Army - Health Service and Technical Services, Air Force and Air Force – Health Services, the National Republican Guard - Weapons and Military Administration, the National Republican Guard – Health Services and the National Republican Guard - Technical Framework Staff and Secretariat, for the school year 2014/2015On June 19, 2015, was held at the Amphitheatre "General Ivens Ferraz of the".

The ceremony was chaired by the Director of Institute of Higher Military Studies, Lieutenant General Xavier Rui Manuel Fernandes Matias.

Closing ceremony, Navy

Seminar "Portugal and the campaigns of Africa: from the imposition of sovereignty to the Great War"

Between 25th and 26th June took place at the Institute of Higher Military Studies the seminar "Portugal and the campaigns of Africa: from the imposition of sovereignty to the Great War."

The Hon. Rear Admiral João Leonardo Valente dos Santos, chaired the opening session on behalf of the Hon. Director of IESM. The opening session included interventions from Rear Admiral Deputy Director of IESM, the Hon. TGen Mr. Mário de Oliveira Cardoso, President of the Commission for the evocation of the centenary of the First World War as well an inaugural conference by the Hon. Professor Dr. Nuno Severiano Teixeira.

The Workshop program continued during the two days with 5 panels with various and distinguished military and civilian guests.

The final session was attended by his Excellency the General CEMGFA, on which were presented the conclusions of the seminar and the representatives of the involved institutions took the floor to address some words.

4th Module "Intermediate Level Course" of "College 5 + 5" - 7th Cycle

Between 22 and 25 June the - 4th Module "Intermediate Level Course" - 7th Cycle, under the initiative "Defense College 5 + 5" organized by Portugal, took place at the Institute of Higher Military Studies.

Honor table (from left to right): Director of International Relations, Dr. Teresa Paulo; Director of IESM, Lieutenant-General Xavier Rui Matias; Event Coordinator, Captain Fernando Ferreira Seuanes

Participants of the 4th Module "Intermediate Level Course" of "College 5 + 5" - 7th Cycle 

Joint Staff Course (CEMC) 2014/15 Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony of CEMC took place on June 30th at the Institute of Higher Military Studies.

The aim of the Joint Staff Course is to qualify senior Armed Forces and National Republican Guard officers with an advanced education on the employment of military forces at the operational and strategic levels and to develop general and specific capabilities to fulfil tasks required by Joint Staff work, both national and international, in the Armed Forces and National Defense high level structures as well as within national and international organizations.

The CEMC 2014/2015 was attended by thirty-one officers of the three branches of the Armed Forces and the National Guard, as well as three officers coming from friendly countries, namely Brazil and Spain.



Continuing the editorial line of IESM, we can now announce that the digital version of Vol. III, No. 1, May 2015, of the Military Sciences Jour is already available for viewing.

The Military Science Journal is a digital bi-annual publication, with limited printing, of the Institute of Higher Military Studies which aims, in the context of Military Sciences, to study security and defense issues in general and the strategy, operations and administration of Armed Forces and National Guard in particular, both nationally and internationally.

This number one volume III edition of the Military Sciences Journal includes nine scientific articles, written by authors from different origins and backgrounds, which address relevant issues of military sciences as well as two opinion pieces that lead us to reflect: (i) the first, on the current perspective of global developments, through a clash of civilizations or a set of cultural misunderstandings and (ii) the second, on the participation of Portuguese military campaigns in Africa, between 1914 and 1915.


The Military Sciences Journal wishes all a profitable and enjoyable reading.



Produced under the editorial IESM program, is now available the third number of “IESM Actuality”, entitled "The Crisis in Ukraine" and authored by several teachers of this Institute.

World WAR and international relations 100 YEARS AFTER 1914


(view program)

Please note that the Research Centre of Security and Defense of IESM (CISDI) was present with the Coordination Panel “And after the war?: innovation, adaptation and Revolution (1914-2014)”. This Panel was chaired by TCOR INF Luis Barroso, and included the participation of INF MAJ Cláudio Silva Ferreira, Mario Fonseca ENG MAJ Martin and MAJ Carlos Ramos ENGAER Battle, CISDI investigator. The II INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS of OBSERVARE also with the participation of other researchers of the CISDI. MAJ Bruno ENGAER Wicked participated in 9-Panel the transnationalization of conflicts, the TCOR PILAV João Vicente and TCOR ENGAER João Nogueira participated in 12 Panel-war and the evolution of international law.


Continuing the editorial line of IESM, we must inform you that is already available for consultation the digital version of Vol. II, Nº2, november 2014, the journal of military sciences.

The journal of military sciences is a biannual publication with digital printing limited, of the Institute of Higher Military Studies that aims, in the context of military sciences, looking at the issues of security and defense in General and of the strategy, operations and administration of the armed forces and of the National Republican Guard in particular, both nationally and internationally. 

This number 2 of Volume II of the edition of the magazine of military sciences focuses on evocation of the I Centenary of the great war 1914-1918, presenting a Thematic Dossier with five bilingual scientific articles. Extra Dossier are presented four more scientific articles, two opinion articles and five reviews of literary works of reference.

The journal of military sciences expresses all the votes of profitable reading.


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